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About RGCS

Robert Gold Comm Systems

Robert Gold Comm Systems, Inc., has developed a patented breakthrough self-synchronizing technique that provides secure messaging in wireless communications systems.

News:  The RGC Systems technology is the subject of articles in EE Times and Comm Design. These articles provide excellent overviews of the capabilities and advantages of the company's proprietary technology.

Benefits include:


High security communications without the overhead of encryption


Addressability, to communicate with one or a selected group on a network, and exclude others


Highly efficient utilization of bandwidth

bulletResistance to interference

The company is headed by Dr. Robert Gold, an internationally known expert in coding algorithms and developer of the Gold Codes used in the Global Positioning System (GPS) network.

Our Technology:

Frequency hopping or spread spectrum communications offers valuable benefits in providing highly secure, efficient utilization of scarce bandwidth. But conventional systems require an external link to "sync" the transmitter and receiver in order to initiate the communication. This external link makes the system vulnerable to intrusion.

Robert Gold Comm Systems has developed technology, now available for licensing, that enables self-syncing communications in a spread spectrum environment, eliminating the need for an external synchronization channel. 


Our technology offers important competitive advantages to manufacturers of wireless local area computer networks (WLANSs), including Wi-Fi installations and virtual private networks (VPNs); cell phones; military, police and civilian radio systems;  satellite TV networks; voice over Internet protocol (VOIP) systems and other technologies that require secure, efficient use of broadcast spectrum.

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