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About RGCS



The RGCS, Inc. synchronization algorithm adds a significant degree of security for wireless communication including frequency hopping, direct sequence and ultra wideband systems. It also provides a selective multiple addressing capability. Once installed, the system is automatic and virtually hands free. There are a great number of applications that can benefit from the use of this Gold technology. Some are described below:

Wireless local area networks (WLANs) are proliferating in many versions. Networks are being created for corporations, government organizations, public access, private and institutional users, and so called hot spots in hotels, airports, coffee shops and many other locations including so called Wi-Fi installations and Virtual Private Networks (VPN).

Organizations transmitting mission critical, confidential, or national security information are reluctant to use WLANs without using extensive measures to enhance security. Many of these measures are costly and awkward to use. The Gold technology can offer an additional high degree of privacy and security to these systems.

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) systems are being adopted by many organization. Users are concerned about security. They worry about viruses, targeted denial-of-service attacks, and the privacy of packetized voice conversations. Firewalls, intrusion detection, and VPNs are helpful in providing security but they do not eliminate the systemís vulnerabilities. The Gold technology can add a significant layer of security.

Tactical radio communications used by the military, intelligence services, public safety organizations are not secure. Some groups need to communicate with others but cannot because they operate on different frequencies. Frequency hopping and the Gold algorithm would solve this problem. The Gold technology would enable covert communications for downed pilots and intelligence agents in the field as well as for agents providing security and protective services. Military field radios and handheld devices can receive this added layer of security.

Ultra wideband systems can be used to reduce attenuation caused by line-of-sight obstructions and yet be secure with the Gold technology. The Department of Homeland Security will be developing a communications network. The Gold technology can help assure interoperability and security.

Dispatch broadcast systems, such as used by police, fire, medical, and other public safety organizations can benefit both through added security and also by the ability to selectively address to one or multiple receivers. A dispatcher for the police or for a taxicab company can communicate privately to specified vehicles instead of to all.

Cellular telephony does not provide for private conversation. Intruders using appropriate equipment can intercept conversations. The Gold technology would make this an extremely difficult if not impossible task.

Satellite TV companies lose vast amounts of revenue when their transmissions are stolen by unauthorized users. The security and selective addressing capabilities of the Gold technology may be able to reduce this theft. Selective addressing may also be useful in the business of wireless video transmissions.


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