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About RGCS

Robert Gold, BS, MS, Ph.D.

Founder and President

Dr. Gold founded , Robert Gold Comm Systems, Inc (RGCS) in August of 2000. The company is currently engaged in research and development of projects for the U.S. Air Force in the field of tactical communications and the application of the underlying technology in products for commercial and governmental applications.

Project Assignment: Overall project management with particular responsibilities with regard to technical development and applications of the product.

Experience: Dr. Gold is an internationally known mathematician and coding researcher whose name carries with it a connotation and track record for quality technology. Dr. Gold has authored many classified and unclassified publications in the field of coded communication and many of his contributions have resulted in significant improvements in system performance.

He is perhaps best known for his invention of the "GOLD CODES" which played a major role in the development of the Global Positioning System (GPS). He is also responsible for the signal design of the NASA Tracking and Data Relay System (TDRSS) that is used for communications with the Space Shuttle.

Dr. Gold has extensive business relationships with government agencies and commercial scientific and engineering companies. His government relationships include contracts with U.S. Naval Air Development Center, Johnsville, PA; U.S. Naval Electronics Center, San Diego, CA; U.S. Naval Research Laboratory, Washington D.C. NASA, Goddard Space Flight Center; National Security Agency, Fort Meade Baltimore and USAF Rome Laboratory, Griffiss AFB, Rome New York.

 Dr. Gold’s business and technical association with non-DOD companies comprise an extensive list of the major scientific and engineering organizations. These include ITT Avionics, Hughes, TRW, Lucent Technologies, Nielsen Media Research, California Microwave, and the Omnipoint Corporation. These business and technical associations are expected to be of significant in the production, commercialization and marketing of the company's technology.

Education: MIT, Harvard, UCLA


Method and Apparatus for Despreading Spread Spectrum Signals, June 2, 1998 Patent Number 5,761,239.

Method and System for Synchronizing and Selectively Addressing Multiple Receivers in a Wireless Spread Spectrum Communication System (Patent Awarded).


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